Why Should I Train With A VertiMax?

The VertiMax is specific to lower body development and we are one of the very few places offering VertiMax training in Siloam Springs as well as Northwest Arkansas. Through the combination of VertiMax and weight lifting, we help develop athletes by teaching them correct form and movement patterns during jumps and sprints.

What Will VertiMax Training Improve?

  • Vertical jump
  • Broad jump
  • Overall explosive power in the legs which also transfers to speed

The VertiMax trains the fibers of the muscles which are responsible for power movements (jumps, sprints, and quick bursts laterally)

What Exercises Do You Use On The VertiMax?

Plyometric exercises are movements done in quick bursts for very short time periods to increase power. These include:

  • Two leg jumps
  • One leg jumps
  • Speed ladder off the board

What Sport Would Be Beneficial For VertiMax Training?

VertiMax training increases explosive power in the legs and is beneficial for any sport. Basketball and Volleyball are sports in which you need vertical jumping power throughout most of the game. VertiMax training will teach you how to land softer and jump in a safer position for you knees.

What Can I Expect From A VertiMax Training Session?

In a VertiMax session you can expect to go through a series jumps that will emphasize the power of your calves, quads and gluteus.

How Do I Sign Up For VertiMax Training?

We offer VertiMax training as a part of our Prepare to Play and ACL Injury Prevention programs. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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