What Causes Neck Pain?

There are multiple causes of neck pain. The most common sources of neck pain seen in the physical therapy clinic include muscle strain, ligament sprain, joint degeneration, spinal stenosis, and disc degeneration. Shoulder, arm, and/or scapular symptoms or pain may occur with neck pain and usually indicates nerve root irritation. Headache is also common with neck pain. Neck pain may be due to surgery, trauma, poor posture, prolonged positioning, sleeping position, muscle tension, and occasionally temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. Postural syndrome is seen at an increased frequency in the PT clinic due to prolonged poor positioning during computer use, gaming, and cellphone use. This leads to a forward head with rounded shoulders posture that frequently causes neck pain and/or headaches.

What Is The Treatment For Neck Pain?

The treatment will be dependent on the cause of the neck pain.  Your physical therapist will identify structures that may be contributing to the neck disorder, such as joint stiffness, decreased muscle flexibility, decreased muscle strength, decreased muscle endurance, and poor posture. Treatments for neck pain include postural reeducation, repeated movements, manual or mechanical traction, stretching, strengthening, dry needling, manual therapy, and taping techniques. Modalities may also be used for short term pain relief.

Neck Pain Treatment Benefits:

Your physical therapist will work with each individual to meet patient specific goals, correct biomechanical issues causing pain, and educate you on which positions will increase your musculoskeletal pain and how to prevent this pain. If you work at a computer, we will teach you the appropriate workstation ergonomics. Our goal is to help you reach your prior level of function and to prevent pain in the future. We will create an individualized home exercise program for you to continue after you are discharged from physical therapy. Your physical therapist has the ability to screen you for “red flags” of more serious causes of neck pain such as potential cervical arterial dysfunction, cancer, infections, inflammatory processes, central cord compression, and/or fractures, and refer you to the appropriate healthcare provider for treatment.

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