ACL Injury Rehab

What Is ACL Injury Rehabilitation?

ACL injury rehab consists of muscle re-education, pain management and the improvement of proprioception and strength surrounding the knee joint. We provide individualized exercises and progressions to help each athlete reach his or her goals. We progress from immediate post-op to returning the patient to competition. As the athlete returns to play, we utilize plyometrics and vertimax training to gain full function and confidence in his or her ability to compete.

Who is ACL Injury Rehabilitation Intended To Help?

Any athlete who has deficits or limitations in his or her mechanics in running, jumping or movement involving agility due to injury. Any post-op or non-surgical injury will benefit from this comprehensive rehabilitation to prevent further injury.

How Long Does The Rehabilitation Take?

12-18 weeks depending on the patient goals; 16-18 weeks to return to sports.

How Long Is Each Session?

Length of each session is one hour.

What You Need to Know

To Schedule an Appointment:

  1. Make an appointment with your doctor.
  2. Make sure your doctor refers you to Holly Street Physical Therapy for this treatment.

What Insurance Do You Take?

We accept all major insurance providers.

Do I Need Insurance?

We will see patients without insurance. For these appointments we accept cash payments.

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